Three-Color Slip Stitch Hat with Elizabeth Durand (10/1/22 AM)

Three-Color Slip Stitch Hat with Elizabeth Durand (10/1/22 AM)

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Make the Co-Op Cap, a tweedy hat in three colors. The seemingly intricate fabric is made using simple slip stitches and only one color per row. Depending on your color choices, this hat can be as classic as your college roommate, the queen of the buttondown shirt; as edgy as your nephew the snowboarder; or the cutest thing ever on that toddler in your life. The three-color slipstitch pattern is easy to master and stays interesting. Finishing details are minimal, making this a great project for a relatively inexperienced knitter. You will not finish the hat in class, but you will leave knowing everything you’ll have to do.


  • A copy of the free pattern for the Co-op Cap, which you can obtain from or
  • 3 skeins worsted or Aran weight yarn. Pick 3 colors you like together. If your yarn needs to be wound into balls before you can knit with it, please do that before you get to class.
  • Two 16-inch circular needles, sizes determined when you do your homework.
  • Basic knitter’s toolkit items: scissors, sewing-up needle, stitch markers, tape measure, pen or pencil, etc.


Do a quick and dirty gauge swatch and figure out what size needles you need to get 16 stitches to 4 inches in stockinette stitch with the yarn you plan to use. You will need a 16-inch circular needle one size larger and a 16-inch circular one size smaller than that size. Remember -- all hands are different; don’t assume you’ll use the same size needle as your friend, even if you’re using the same yarn

Skill Level:  Advanced Beginner: previous experience knitting in the round is useful but not required. Knowledge of the long-tail cast-on is desirable. Participant should be very comfortable with both knitting and purling.

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