Lithuanian Beaded Wrist Warmers with Judy Gelzinis Donovan (10/1/22 PM)
Lithuanian Beaded Wrist Warmers with Judy Gelzinis Donovan (10/1/22 PM)

Lithuanian Beaded Wrist Warmers with Judy Gelzinis Donovan (10/1/22 PM)

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Wrist warmers (also known as pulse warmers) are a part of knitting traditions in many countries. The Lithuanian version-- Riesienas (Ree-esh-EENas)-- involves adding beads as part of the tradition. In this workshop, students will begin a pair of wrist warmers and will learn the art of knitting beads into the knitted fabric to create a lovely design. Students have the option of using worsted weight yarn and size 6 beads or DK weight yarn and size 8 beads. Riesienas are knitted FLAT using only garter stitch and can be done on straight or double-pointed knitting needles. The bead design, while simple, is done on a chart. Students will learn how to read the charts so they know where to place the beads.

Material Fee (optional - see Supplies): $10 (Includes beads in either size 6 or 8, depending on student preference - enough to complete project.) Materials fees are not included in the registration.  If you need beads for the class, the fee should be paid directly to the instructor just prior to the start of class.)


  • One 100 gr ball of either DK or worsted weight yarn, such as Cascade 220 (wool or wool blends are traditional). Yarn should be the kind that you would knit a sweater or hat with—no slippery, bumpy or novelty yarns.
  • One 35gm package of size 6/0 round seed beads (for worsted weight yarn) or Size 8/0 seed beads for DK weight yarn --in a color that will contrast nicely with your yarn.  Japanese seed beads are preferred since the holes are uniform, but Czech beads will also work.  Here is a link to the instructor's favorite web store:  Instructor will bring beads for sale for those who don't have beads (see Material Fees above). 
  • One pair of single point knitting needles (NO circular needles!) in a size that goes with your yarn. You can also use a double pointed needle with a stopper at one end for this.
  • Bead pad or piece of craft felt (to pour your beads on)
  • Ruler or post-it notes for keeping track of where you are on the chart
  • Pen or pencil for taking notes
  • Optional: Big-eye needle. Instructor will provide dental floss threaders to all students, but a big-eye needle is even handier for stringing the beads onto the yarn.

Homework: none

Skill Level:  Beginner: Can knit, purl, cast on and cast off.  Chart reading will be taught in class, but familiarity with charts will make the process easier.

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